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29 06 2006

I stumbled upon this website long ago, and recently discovered it again. The website describes how to achieve film processing effects through photoshop. Effects include:

  • Digital Lith
  • Bleach Bypass
  • Cross processing (E6 in C41 or vice-versa)
  • Soft Focus
  • Soft Overlay
  • Tri-X Tonality BW conversion
  • Simulating BW Infrared Film
  • Non-destructive Dodging and Burning
  • Fog Effects

The author was even nice enough to construct some pre-made actions to quickly achieve some of the processes above. Make sure you grab it while you are there.

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26 06 2006

Here are some of my recent favorites.


edit: Interesting, Adobe purchases RawShooter engine.

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21 06 2006

I really like doing portraits. It’s really satisfying when you get an image of a person that portrays their emotions and personality in that one fraction of a second. I dont get many subjects, mainly because my “studio” aka room is my shooting area and I don’t like everyone seeing how messy I can be. The image to the left was shot with a Canon 300D, with a 50mm mkII lens at f1.8 in raw. I didn’t like the coldness the converted black and white image portrayed, so i toned it slightly with a faux selenium toning through photoshop using duotones to give it a warmer feeling. I also used the technique called ETTR, where you push the exposure toward the right of the histogram when shooting raw, to obtain as much info as possible in the exposure, without overexposing the highlights, then later correcting the levels in the raw editor. I talked previously about this technique, that post can be found here.

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20 06 2006

I’m sure you have seen those images of towns and cities where everything seems to look like it’s actually a tiny model of a town. The effect can be seen all over flickr, and originates from an effect obtained normally through a tilt-shift lens, used mainly for correcting distortions when doing architectual photography. Well the effect can be recreated through photoshop, and I happened upon a cool little tutorial for it. The link was also mentioned in this months popular photography magazine.

Check it out: Fake Model Photography

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11 06 2006

Jean-sebastien Monzani has written a quick guide on what makes a good portrait, technically speaking. Check it out.

“large sensor + large aperature + telephoto lens”

Choosing a digital camera for portrait photography

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10 06 2006

Probably going to head to Hawaii next month. Hoping for alot of photo opportunities. Now I just need to get to the photo store and buy some memory card(s) and a extra battery.

.sony a100.

7 06 2006

Here is some details on Sony’s new d-SLR dubbed the A100.

Sony Alpha d-SLR A100
hands on review by popphoto

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