20 02 2006

Gizmodo recently posted a story about a lost camera. I find it showing a total lack of morality and the perfect example of greed. After you read it I’m sure you will agree with me. A more detailed entry found on the actual persons blog which can be found here. Read the gizmodo post first though, it gives some background of the incident in a summarized format.


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18 02 2006

.constricted.I liked this shot, it was a great print. This was not toned in photoshop, this is almost a straight scan from the print minus some dust spots. I sepia toned it in the lab. The scan color isnt perfect, but its relatively close. It was originally a very dark shot but sepia toning tends to lighten a image a bit and this was the result i got. Just in case you dont know what it is, it’s a bicycle chain wrapped around the top frame of a bicycle. Don’t forget to zoom in to see more detail when you click the photo.

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon Elan 7e
Lens: 50mm Mark II
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
Paper: Kodak RC Poly IV Luster

I really wanted to work on a photoshop tutorial today but unfortunately wordpress is going through some coding problems and my page editing isn’t working. So I guess I’ll have to wait until they get through all the problems. It will give me some time to think about what the topic of the tutorial will be. If anyone wants a specific tutorial or a “how did you do that” feel free to leave a comment on any post i make. I will attempt to answer your question or request if im able to. So I’ll just leave you all another silly excerpt from Overheard.

Woman: Oh god, I hope nobody takes that out of context.
Man: Takes what out of context?
Woman: A thing I just thought.

–Park Slope

brrreeeport Breememe

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.snow thug.

17 02 2006

From Overheard in NY

Guy #1: You think anyone is gonna jump us?
Guy #2: Dude…we’re in the middle of a f**king blizzard. Who is gonna jump us?
Guy #1: You never know, maybe one of those snow thugs.

–Clinton Hill

Lol, some people are just too funny.

edit: this brrreeeport stuff is interesting.

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.beware solitaire.

13 02 2006

I stumbled upon this article at yahoo news a few days ago, and I just had to share it. But first I’ll give you a synopsis of what its about. Basically the current mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, stopped by the city’s legislative office in Albany, NY and was making his rounds around the office shaking hands, posing for pictures taken by his photographer, and “meet the workers” type stuff. When he got to Office assistant Edward Greenwood IX who was going over some papers while Bloomberg was making his way through the office, Greenwood stood, shook Bloomberg’s hand and the photographer snapped a photo. What Greenwood didn’t know was that Bloomberg had spotted a game of solitaire running on Greenwood’s computer. Bloomberg said nothing about it to Greenwood but later on Bloomberg told an aide to fire Greenwood because of the game. Bloomberg defended his no tolerance decision.

“The workplace is not an appropriate place for games,” Bloomberg said. “It’s a place where you’ve got to do the job that you’re getting paid for.”

This guy Greenwood never had any prior offences, had been working at the office for about six years and has a toddler child at home. He mentioned that he does play solitaire which he limits to one-hour lunch or during quick breaks in order to give his mind a break from the stress of work.

Here is a link to the original article.

Now I am a business student, who will be obtaining a degree in a few months (hopefully) and I can see that improper use of computers can lead to lower output, but give me a break. If it wasn’t solitaire, time could be wasted in many other ways. This guy could of just stared at the ceiling for 20 minutes, would that be more acceptable to Bloomberg? We all know that there are plenty of people at our jobs who spend way more time than a lunch break or a quick mind refresher break to waste some time. Making your employees fear you is not the greatest way to increase output and it sure beats down employee morale. If Bloomberg really didn’t want anyone playing games at work then he should of made sure that no computer in the office even contained a game. My old job’s computers had every game that comes installed on a Windows PC removed, (not that finding an internet game was all that hard). But if you attempt to make your employees understand that a little break here and there is alright as long as you don’t go overboard, then your employees may actually enjoy their work environment. A happy employee is a productive employee. Bad employee morale can really kill your output. Just think, if you were in a position where you knew a bunch of layoffs were about to happen and your department might be the one that gets hit, would you work at your full potential? Or would you feel like there is no point, that you will get fired no matter how hard you work. I’d probably feel the latter. Well I guess that’s enough ranting and raving from me.

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