20 06 2006

I’m sure you have seen those images of towns and cities where everything seems to look like it’s actually a tiny model of a town. The effect can be seen all over flickr, and originates from an effect obtained normally through a tilt-shift lens, used mainly for correcting distortions when doing architectual photography. Well the effect can be recreated through photoshop, and I happened upon a cool little tutorial for it. The link was also mentioned in this months popular photography magazine.

Check it out: Fake Model Photography

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2 responses

20 06 2006

Hey, it’s me again, sorry to bother you again with an irrelevant comment, but I kind of changed my blog again… Now it’s brendantang.blogspot.com. So sorry.

21 06 2006

That’s awesome… Cool what photoshop or a lens can do.

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