.dsl issues.

9 09 2006

Sorry about the lack of updates, I have been having some connection problems with my DSL, where at times i would be lucky if i could stay online for more than 30 seconds. Problem should be fixed soon… hopefully.


.foamcore 4×5 pinhole and planet creation.

28 08 2006

More Do It Yourself stuff!

4×5 Foamcore Pinehole Camera

Creating a little planet out of a panorama

Links found via diyhappy

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.lego pinhole.

18 08 2006

Continuing on my recent pinhole links, here is how to make a medium format camera out of, you guessed it, LEGO’s! Pretty ingenious if you ask me and looks cool as well!

Lego Medium Format Pinhole Camera

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.matchbox pinhole.

14 08 2006

Check out the homemade pinhole camera using a matchbox and 2 film canisters.

Also, making a darkroom in your bathroom, and how to make contact prints.

You can find all that here thanks to dailydiy.com.

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.windex contact print.

12 08 2006

Here is an odd procedure, contact printing using windex and blueprint paper. Check it out.

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.holga revisited.

9 08 2006

Revisiting the holga effect, photoshop style. Here are some cool little action files you can play around with that holga feel you love so much. I’m also throwing in a Lomography action as well. They are hosted on Adobe’s Studio Exchange, so you will need to have an account with Adobe to be able to download them, no worries, the account is free. Don’t remember how to use actions? Check out the tutorial I wrote on actions, particularly the “Playing the Action” and “Loading a Downloaded Action” parts.

Holga Simulator
Old Toy Camera

Lomography Effect


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.hawaii photos.

7 08 2006

Here are some shots from my Hawaii vacation. Decided to quickly throw them up on carbonmade.

Click here for the gallery

Feel free to leave comments here in this post on the photos. Thanks for taking the time to check them out.

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