13 04 2006

Hello everyone, while I’m still working on my tutorial, slowly, I figured I would bring to you a tutorial written by a fellow photographer named Jean-Sébastien Monzani. He gave me special permission to reproduce the tutorial on my site.

The tutorial is basically a beginner course on using RAW files in photoshop’s raw converter. It’s great if you want to use RAW but don’t know how to go about it.

The tutorial can be found through the .photography. section under the .photoshop tutorials. page which contains the tutorial called .raw with photoshop.

For those who have no idea why RAW is such a big deal, here is a RAW vs JPEG article.

Expose to the right. No idea what im talking about? It has to do with the method of using your digital camera to expose toward the highlights so u can get maximum data for the shadow areas in the raw file, then use a raw converter to adjust the exposure. Here is an article about ETTR. Here’s another. I have been using this method for quite some time now.

edit: interesting info on what to do about copyright infringement.

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21 06 2006
.i dream in red. - .inside a photographers mind. » Blog Archive » .glance.

[…] I talked previously about this technique, that post can be found here. […]

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