15 07 2006

Here is a cool site you should check out. Carbonmade lets you set up a relatively easy gallery. A free account gives you 5 projects, with 30 total images hosted. It’s not alot, but its a fun way to share family photos, vacation photos, etc. I love the sleek feel to the galleries. And heck, it’s free, why not give it a spin?

Check out the quick gallery i set up.
.idreaminred.’s Carbonmade Gallery

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12 07 2006

Holga cameras for those that don’t know are basically toy cameras, made out of alot of plastic, and interestingly enough, use medium format film. Alot of people like the holga because it’s the cheapest way to get into medium format, and the plastic lens creates a unique look.

Well Holgamods has an option for dSLR owners wanting that holga lens effect. They have attached a holga lens to a body cap. A little pricey in my opinion, but still pretty cool.

Check them out

Want to attempt the holga effect digitally? Check out this post then.

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.paper pinhole camera.

6 07 2006

Lighthouse in a Tree updated the Dirkon 35mm paper pinhole camera which was made to look like a regular camera, by giving it a snazzy design!

The design is given free in a PDF, print it, cut it, and even follow their video of how to assemble it.

Download plans here

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.new files.

5 07 2006

The other day i was messing around with photoshop, and I figured I would make some files for my readers that they may find useful. Two of them are for the cross-processed film look, E6 in C41 chemistry and vice versa. The other file is an actions file where I attempted to record the process of having a split-tone effect.

There is a password you need to enter to grab these files. It is “idreaminred” without the quotes.
C41 in E6 Cross Process Curve file
E6 in C41 Cross Process Curve file
Split toning Actions file

Curve files – Just put these anywhere, just as long as you can find them when you need them. When you open up a new curves dialog in photoshop, there will be a button labeled “load”, just click that, and locate the file.
Action files – Check out the actions tutorial I wrote here. Look towards the bottom and you will see how to install an action file.

Cross process curve files – I suggest loading them in an adjustment layer rather than a regular curves dialog, that way you can adjust the opacity to change the effect to your liking. Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves
Action file – just follow the directions when you run the action.

If you download and enjoy the files, please drop me a comment here, that way I know I’m not just wasting my time.

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4 07 2006

Happy 4th of July everyone. Good luck to everyone with your firework photos! Feel free to post any links you have to your firework galleries in this post.

.shutterbug underexposed.

1 07 2006

Shutterbug Underexposed
I’ve been a long time visitor to the site. Micki’s also been a long time visitor of my site, and alot of traffic to my site I contribute to shutterbug, although the link to my site on the page has seemingly vanished, but it’s alright, go check out Micki’s work.

For more than one day’s worth of images, click the archive links.