.actions tutorial.

31 05 2006

BT asked me a while back for an photoshop actions tutorial, I finally got around to writing it with all the recent things happening in my life to delay my tutorial writings. I hope it’s useful.

The tutorial can be found through the .photography. section under the .photoshop tutorials. page which contains the tutorial called .actions.

Comments always welcome.

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.returning soon.

29 05 2006

I will be returning soon. I apologize to all my readers for the delay. Sometimes something comes up in your life that you have no contol over, nor any sight into. Thank you to all my loyal readers that continually come and check up on me. And thank you for the well wishers on the last post. I appreciate it.

unfortunate notice

22 05 2006

please excuse my absense for a little while longer, my mother recently passed away most tragically.

.sony to release d-slr.

6 05 2006

It seems that Sony is preparing to release globally a D-SLR system using the Konica Minolta mount system. They are calling it the “Alpha”. Should be interesting. Their brand equity may pull in new D-SLR buyers, but I can’t see many Canon or Nikon users switching over.

Sony Global – Digital SLR Cameras

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.photoshop for the poor.

3 05 2006

Photoshop is like the holy grail of photo editing, but not everyone is able to own a copy. It is worth every penny, but when the money is not available, what can you do? Well, Adobe has a very good marketing team, and combined with amazing software, they have been able to condition people into thinking that there is no alternative worth buying and using. Some people I know use Paint Shop Pro, and enjoy it. But you still have to pay for it. Well I am going to give you an option, that is quite powerful, and best of all… IT’S FREE!

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
A versitile program with many functions, alot of them mimicing photoshops functions.
GIMP for: Windows | Mac OS X | Unix
People somtimes complain that the layout of GIMP is awkward, especially if they were Photoshop users in the past. Well i have a solution to that too!

GimpShop (A GIMP hack)
This GIMP hack transforms GIMP to better match Photoshop’s layout.
GimpShop for: Windows | Mac users visit main page, special instructions there.

So there you go, two pieces of software that work together to bring you a program that is nearly identical to Adobe’s Photoshop. Enjoy!

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1 05 2006

Not too long ago, I decided I wanted to make some cash with some of the images I have laying around that aren’t all that important to me and could be considered stock. Pictures of objects, on white backgrounds, with no brand names visible are great stock shots. I figured, whats to lose. So I uploaded a few and after a little while, waiting for an evaluation, the website accepted me as a contributer to their stock site. After being accepted I can add images much easier to the collection, and everytime someone decides to download one of my images, whatever the use may be, I get about 25 US cents. Doesn’t sound like alot, but it begins to add up over time, and all of a sudden, before you realize it, you’ve got a good chunk of change sitting in there. Considering the images weren’t making you any money before, 25 cents per download isn’t all that bad. Now this site I joined is considered a micro stock site. There are macro stock sites, that will pay you much more per use, but you don’t make alot of sales. I personally would use the shots I don’t feel all that strong with on the micro site, and if I got accepted into a macro site, I’d use the best images I have, that I wouldn’t mind selling of course.

Please use the link if you are going to sign up, because you will be giving me a referral which I would very much appreciate. If you seem interested, the referral link to the site I am a contributer is: http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=5100.


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