.dsl issues.

9 09 2006

Sorry about the lack of updates, I have been having some connection problems with my DSL, where at times i would be lucky if i could stay online for more than 30 seconds. Problem should be fixed soon… hopefully.


.im back.

2 08 2006

Back from Hawaii! Not that I am actually excited to leave such a great place after spending two weeks there. Such a beautiful place. I’ll try to get some photos up soon, didn’t get to take all that many, since i was so busy with snorkling, swimming, hiking, and laying on beaches. Hope life has treated everyone well since I’ve been gone!


4 07 2006

Happy 4th of July everyone. Good luck to everyone with your firework photos! Feel free to post any links you have to your firework galleries in this post.


10 06 2006

Probably going to head to Hawaii next month. Hoping for alot of photo opportunities. Now I just need to get to the photo store and buy some memory card(s) and a extra battery.

.returning soon.

29 05 2006

I will be returning soon. I apologize to all my readers for the delay. Sometimes something comes up in your life that you have no contol over, nor any sight into. Thank you to all my loyal readers that continually come and check up on me. And thank you for the well wishers on the last post. I appreciate it.

unfortunate notice

22 05 2006

please excuse my absense for a little while longer, my mother recently passed away most tragically.


23 03 2006

missing in action

I’m currently swamped with school work at the moment. As soon as some of the workload is lessened, i’ll be back with another meaningful photography related post. Sorry for the delay!