.horizon correction.

Sometimes you just cant achieve a perfectly level horizon on landscape shots when you are in the middle of taking the photo. This method i will show to you has never failed me when i need a perfectly straight horizon. This method of course is for photoshop, and i use version CS2 so maybe your layout may be a little different but the method should remain the same.

Ok, first open your photo, make sure you always work on a copy of your original. You never want to overwrite your original.
Hopefully your photo has an easily definied horizon line. We will be using the measure tool for the straightening.


With the measure tool activated, you want to click and drag out a line across the horizon and you should end up with something similar to what is pictured below.


After you have your horizon line drawn out, you need to rotate your canvas using the arbitrary method shown below.


An angle will be calculated from the line you drew out before that will level the horizon. Press OK.

arbitrary ok

Your canvas will be rotated and will leave white edges usually, you want to crop your image to remove the edges.


Your horizon should now be perfectly level, well as long as you drew out the line perfectly.

Hope this helped!

Got comments? Leave a comment below. Tell me if you enjoyed this tutorial or if it was helpful. Comments keep me writing. Thanks


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28 05 2008

That is a great tip. Oftentimes I’m traveling and do not have access to my Photoshop…which sucks! When I’m in a pinch I like to use Snapfish. They have a variety of easy to use FREE tools that are great for amateurs or people on the go. Happy snapping!

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