.color pop.

Ever wonder how these people in glamour magazines always seem to be so nicely colored that they almost glow? Well I wont be going into details on how much photoshopping magazines tend to apply to their models, but to obtain a nice color to your model its not as hard as you believe.

Things to have:

  • Knowledge of layers
  • Knowledge of curves
  • Photoshop of course
  • Download my custom curve that i created
    down2.gif (password is “idreaminred”)
  1. First thing you are going to want to do is load your photograph into photoshop.
  2. Your levels should be already be corrected. (if it needed to at all)
  3. Duplicate your current layer and place the duplicate on top.
  4. While the duplicate layer is selected, open up your curves dialog.
  5. Press the load button and select my custom curve that i made.
    You should see a dramatic change in the colors and look of the photo overall.
  6. Apply the curve, then you can lower the effect if you want by changing the opacity of the duplicate layer.
before pop
pop applied

For more advanced users of photoshop you can do the same effect by using a curve adjustment layer and using layer masking to revert selective parts of the photograph back to its original form.

Remember in photoshop, there are countless ways to achieve a certain effect sometimes, so always experiment, try experimenting with blending modes on the duplicate layer and even try the curve on black and white photographs.

Got comments? Leave a comment below. Tell me if you enjoyed this tutorial or if it was helpful. Comments keep me writing. Thanks

(image obtained from sxc.hu with no restrictions on use)


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