.photoshop for the poor.

3 05 2006

Photoshop is like the holy grail of photo editing, but not everyone is able to own a copy. It is worth every penny, but when the money is not available, what can you do? Well, Adobe has a very good marketing team, and combined with amazing software, they have been able to condition people into thinking that there is no alternative worth buying and using. Some people I know use Paint Shop Pro, and enjoy it. But you still have to pay for it. Well I am going to give you an option, that is quite powerful, and best of all… IT’S FREE!

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
A versitile program with many functions, alot of them mimicing photoshops functions.
GIMP for: Windows | Mac OS X | Unix
People somtimes complain that the layout of GIMP is awkward, especially if they were Photoshop users in the past. Well i have a solution to that too!

GimpShop (A GIMP hack)
This GIMP hack transforms GIMP to better match Photoshop’s layout.
GimpShop for: Windows | Mac users visit main page, special instructions there.

So there you go, two pieces of software that work together to bring you a program that is nearly identical to Adobe’s Photoshop. Enjoy!

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8 responses

3 05 2006

thanks for this great tip. i currently own photoshop but i’m writing photoshop tutorial for beginners for my blog. this is good reference for those who want to enhance their photos just a little bit but don’t want to go all the way with photoshop.

i’ll trackback here when i get the article ready and posted.


3 05 2006

I tried GIMP once but probably the layout put me off – will checkout the GimpShop though. Thx!

3 05 2006

hehehe…i guess this is another one of the photoediting programs that will also be on my to-try list. dont knhow how long it’s gonna be on my pc though! lol 😛 thanks!

5 05 2006

Nice, there are also these:

PhotoPlus 6 and ImageForge. Not sure how good they are, cause I use PS exclusevely.

I found some free photo sofware that I featured in one of my posts. Check it out at http://sergykalstudios.blogspot.com/2005/10/free-photo-software.html

5 05 2006

I used to run Linux and found GIMP very frustrating, but perhaps it’s an interface thing. I haven’t used it in years, though–how would you compare GIMP to PS Elements (which I am currently using because I got it for $50 with a student ID a few years back) in terms of functionality? I’m thinking of switching back to Linux, but PSE is one of the three or so programs I’m really attached to.

6 05 2006

Well, if I switch back to Linux, PS and PSE won’t be available. I suppose I’ll just play around with GIMP now and see.

16 05 2006
Qwerty Maniac

GIMP rulz my linux distros 😀

18 05 2006

i have heard that gimp is easy to learn and use, *if* you have never learned photoshop. for myself, i have portable gimp on my keydrive, but have rarely had occasion to try using it. normally all i do to my photos is some slight cropping i normally just use picasa for that and organizing my pictures before i upload them to flickr.

however, i have had some shots in the past that i felt might be good if only i could fix this or that, and at times like that i really wish i could sit down with either gimp or ps and know what to do.

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