1 05 2006

Not too long ago, I decided I wanted to make some cash with some of the images I have laying around that aren’t all that important to me and could be considered stock. Pictures of objects, on white backgrounds, with no brand names visible are great stock shots. I figured, whats to lose. So I uploaded a few and after a little while, waiting for an evaluation, the website accepted me as a contributer to their stock site. After being accepted I can add images much easier to the collection, and everytime someone decides to download one of my images, whatever the use may be, I get about 25 US cents. Doesn’t sound like alot, but it begins to add up over time, and all of a sudden, before you realize it, you’ve got a good chunk of change sitting in there. Considering the images weren’t making you any money before, 25 cents per download isn’t all that bad. Now this site I joined is considered a micro stock site. There are macro stock sites, that will pay you much more per use, but you don’t make alot of sales. I personally would use the shots I don’t feel all that strong with on the micro site, and if I got accepted into a macro site, I’d use the best images I have, that I wouldn’t mind selling of course.

Please use the link if you are going to sign up, because you will be giving me a referral which I would very much appreciate. If you seem interested, the referral link to the site I am a contributer is: http://submit.shutterstock.com/?ref=5100.


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3 responses

2 05 2006

Sounds like a good way to make money. I haven’t checked this out much, but there’s another stock site that may be good, called istockphoto.com. I hope you get lotsa’ downloads.

3 05 2006

I’ll give a looksie over there this weekend. Thanks for the tip and good luck to you!

9 05 2006
sleepless dream

you have a great site with very useful information. i’ll register there soon just for the referral’s sake 🙂


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