7 03 2006

.lost.Sometimes you really don’t know what direction your life is heading in. You just wander around in a general direction and never know where you end up in the end. This shot to me represents that, you can see the path you took in the past, but once you get back to the present, you dont know where your next step will end up. I’m really sick of not knowing what lies in my future, not even my immediate future. Just a day by day process at this point.

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon Elan 7e
Lens: 50mm mkII
Film: Kodak Ultra Color 400

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2 responses

8 03 2006

I think overall, that’s what life is. You can make plans, but you never know for sure how things will go. You will get back on your path soon. Everyone has these moments.

Perfect choice of DOF. Not too much blur as you go back.

11 03 2006

just passing thru.
some wise soul said ‘life happens, while you’re busy making other plans’. Enjoy the not-knowing, the journey…

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