.comedy friday.

3 03 2006

Figured i’d bring some comedy to you this friday.
Brought to you by: Overheard

White guy #1: What’s she look like?
White guy #2: She’s really hot, she’s black.
White guy #1: You mean African-American.
White guy #2: No, I don’t.
White guy #1: But you said she’s black.
White guy #2: Right, she’s Sicilian. She’s neither African nor American.
White guy #1: Well, her family must have come from Africa at some point.
White guy #2: Yeah, like 1000 years ago.
White guy #1: Ok, then she’s African.

–39th & 3rd

Little girl: Ew, sex, gross!
Mother: Sex isn’t gross. It’s natural and it can be a very beautiful thing.
Little girl: You wouldn’t say that if you heard what Eleanor told me.

–N train

Guy #1: Dude, they should have a phone where you just say 92454.
Guy #2: Man, they already have that.
Guy #1: Yeah, but without numbers.
Guy #2: Stupid.
Guy #1: They should also have a video phone, so you can see who you’re talking to.
Guy #2: They already have that.
Guy #1: Man, technology is good. But it’s also stupid…Technology is going to destroy us.

–1 train

Chick: Yo, why you talk so funny? I can’t undastan a damn fing you be sayin’! Where you from?
Lecturer lady: Well, for starters, I come from a place where we do not end sentences with prepositions.

–Lehman College

Hope these gave you a laugh. 😆
I’ll be back next time with photography related stuff. 😀

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2 responses

4 03 2006

Thanks for the good laughs. After the busy week we had, everyone sick, I need some chuckles.

13 03 2006

haha.. nice jokes keep it up.. nice blog too..(y)

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