1 03 2006

.gaze.This was one of my first attempts at a formal type portrait. I normally dont get many volunteers to be a practice model. I dont have the money for studio strobes and I dont like the look and feel of hot lights. For this shot all I used was some sunlight that was being bounced around in a room creating a nice soft feeling to it. One of these days I’ll save up for a strobe system and a nice backdrop, but at the moment, I’m stuck with the budget portraits. I urge you to look at the previous two posts here. They are both tutorial posts. Please leave me a comment if anyone actually finds what I write useful. Feedback has been kind of lax lately. Thanks.

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon 300D
Lens: 50mm mkII
Aperture: f1.8
Shutter: 1/50
Iso: 400

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4 responses

2 03 2006

Frankly, I like natural lighting best for portraits on most occasions. This is very well done–good placement within the frame. Hope you can find more friends to sit for you.

2 03 2006
"ur # 1 model"

hey wen r u gonna take my portrait…=’/

2 03 2006

Using Firefox, I don’t see any picture. Or am I missing the link?

2 03 2006
.i dream in red.

in response to your comment “T”. dont know why you dont see any picture. I use firefox and have tested it on other computers as well. There should be a clickable thumbnail of a photo.

heres the link anyway:

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