15 02 2006

.descend.I do rather enjoy a nice black and white photo. Sometimes you don’t really need color to tell a story to the viewer. For example, this image, (one of mine of course) leaves you wondering whats around the corner. A color photo would really have no effect here, considering this stairwell has no color in the first place. Everything varies a shade of gray. On the day I took this photo, I wasn’t really trying my hardest to find great things to photograph. I was actually just trying to take as many photos as I could in order for me to finish the roll and be able to develop it later at the lab that day. I didn’t really know how this shot was going to turn out, since there is so many potential problems that could of occurred. The stairwell is considerably dark most of the time, and getting any detail to show up in the shadow areas was going to be tricky, and the very bright window could of easily tricked the lightmeter and force it to underexpose. I do have to give my camera credit because its light meter has yet to fail me. So thank you Canon for producing the Elan 7e. The scan is pretty close to what the print looks like, but i have yet to find the optimal scan settings on my scanner. It tends to scan images with very flat tones and I end up having to correct the levels in photoshop constantly, which sometimes produces a scan that looks like i may have overexposed the highlights a bit. Click (more) below if you want to see the technical information. Thanks for reading!
edit: I made a cool little button that if anyone wants to link to myself they can use. (I doubt anyone wants to link to me in the first place). Well here it is =D


Technical Details:
Camera: Canon Elan 7e
Lens: 50mm Mark II
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
Paper: Kodak RC Poly IV Luster
Levels Adjustment to match original print
dust spots edited out

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One response

15 02 2006

A very nice photograph indeed. Shooting this particular photograph in black and white suites it well.

Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day.

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