.strawberry fields.

11 02 2006

This was a shot i did a while back for DPChallenge. Basically it was just a simple set up. I put a strawberry down on a table, had sunlight coming in from the left side of the strawberry and a lamp on the other side. Lighting a macro can be quite difficult. This shot was taken with a reversed lens setup, which means, a 105mm macro lens is on the camera body, a reversing ring screwed into the filter, then a 50mm lens is attached reversed onto the front of the macro lens. You end up with much higher magnification and even more difficulty getting something in focus. Forget about focusing, you need to just move the entire camera or the subject closer or farther until its in focus. Of course your camera has to be on a tripod, forget hand holding something that has a depth of field as thick as a peice of paper practically. Set the lens at a good f-stop such as f8 or higher, put mirror lockup on if you have that option, cover the viewfinder so no stray light gets in, and snap the picture (preferably with a remote so you dont cause any vibrations, even the self timer can work). Its not the greatest picture in my opinion but i thought it was interesting to see something that close up that we normally dont take the time to look at. Did you know the strawberry is the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside? Pretty cool =D

Now onto some personal crap. Schools been going alright I guess. Alot more work than I expected. I’m finding it difficult to find the time to get in photo lab time. My schedule is preventing me from having the extra lab time to do developing or printing. Perhaps i should just shoot a bunch of rolls and not waste time developing it myself and just have a pro lab do it for me, then I’ll do my own printing. There is something about developing your own negatives though that gives you pride when you finally open up the film tank and pull out your roll and see that photos actually showed up. lol. Printing can be fun, when it wants to work with you and not fight you. Nothing more frustrating going through 5 or so sheets of high quality paper to get it just right. Especially since i dont have a job right now and funds are extremely tight.

Lets see….anything else? Hmm…i woke up with another bloody nose today. I get way too much heat in my room in the mornings, dries out the air. It influenced my photo choice for today though, I thought the strawberry looked almost blood red. On a final note, you have to check out this comedian named Russell Peters. The video is about 45 minutes long so I suggest letting it load for a while before you attempt to watch it. If you cant handle some strong language though, then don’t watch it. =P

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15 02 2006

Great photo! BTW, thanks for your comments on my sek750 blog!

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