11 02 2006

.alone.Lots of snow coming down in New York today. Took this shot out my window sometime this morning. It’s been a while since we’ve had a snow storm like this. In fact its been a very weird winter, many days where it was warm enough to go out with a light jacket in the middle of January. (Bush says there is no such thing as global warming…) Figured I’d get a shot of what could be the last snow storm of the winter, who knows, maybe next year the polar ice caps will melt and I’ll be taking photos of the East River out my window. Brooklyn will be the next Venice…

Valentines day is coming up, I don’t like that holiday, it just makes me feel like i’m some kind of loser if I don’t have a girlfriend/wife on that day. It’s just a day for Hallmark to make some money and the flower stores to charge ridiculous amounts of money for a rose. Soon enough it won’t be good enough for a regular flower, soon we’ll have to start shelling out more money for flowers with images printed on them. Can’t wait…

On a side note my friend Paradoxical posted a pretty funny blog that i got a kick out of. Certainly makes your mind wander. Check it out 😛

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12 02 2006

photographers should get in on the valentine day’s loot too. you should start marketing “valentine day portraits for your lover”

13 02 2006
Coffee fairy

I understand where you are coming from. I also dont know how I am going to take all the fuzz about V day tomorrow, not that I dont like Vday, but of course it’s usually associated with couples so oh well… But in times like these, it is your single friends who are the best persons to spend it with.

13 02 2006
Coffee fairy

Thanks for dropping by my blog too. I hope you have a Happy heart’s day! Same wish for me here from the other side of the world. By the way, I love New York (especially Brooklyn Bridge) 😉

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