8 02 2006

.flight. This shot is one of more popular shots. I was just wandering through the streets and trying to finish up a roll of film so I would have time to develop it and print. There is always a ton of birds around this area because there is a bread factory nearby and the birds treat the garbage area as an all you can eat buffet. Well who knows why but alot of the birds decided to fly away at the same
time and i quickly pulled the camera up to my eye, metered off the sky, and snapped the shot. Didn’t know how it was going to turn out (one reason i love my digital) but i was quite happy when i saw the negative. It’s a weird angle but it seems to work. Comments welcome, click the image to go to my deviantArt to see a larger version. (Click Zoom In to see it even larger) Thanks for viewing. =)

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon Elan 7e
Lens: 50mm Mark II
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
Paper: Kodak RC Poly IV Luster

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